Laser treatment PRK € 690, – / eye*

Laser treatment Fetmo Lasik € 1090, – / eye*

Implantation of the lenses / 1 focal: € 990, – / eye*

Implantation of the lenses / multifocal: € 1890, – / eye*

* Accompaniment, diagnosis, local anesthesia, control included

A large part of the refractive surgery treatments are corrections of refractive defects by means of laser radiation. The laser is used to shape the cornea so that the light rays entering the eye converge again correctly.

There are several treatment methods.

PRK laser treatment is the most used method for its price / quality ratio. A very reliable, reliable intervention with a time of healing a little longer.

This requires a 3-4 day stay on site. The operation lasts 20 minutes and for a few days, you can have a sensitivity to light.

The other known method is the so-called Femto-LASIK treatment, in which two lasers are used: a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser. The operation is very safe and takes place in 30 minutes and without mechanical incision in the cornea. For this treatment, you can come for a day and return tomorrow. The benefits of this treatment: a direct and outpatient result with less pain.

With these operations, with or without a femtosecond laser, the 90% of vision problems can be corrected.

Implantation of lenses


To implant a lens, under local anesthesia, a small opening is made in the eyes, and a permanent artificial lens must be placed on your lens (Artisan). The lens, which is added to the crystalline lens, can be removed again if necessary.

When will I see the result?

The implants are introduced in both eyes during two sessions on different dates. The implantation treatment normally lasts no more than a few minutes for each eye and you can leave the clinic two hours past. It is possible to treat both eyes during the same stay. For this, it is necessary to make a journey of 4-5 days.
Intraocular lenses are artificial lenses that are implanted inside the eye, where they add to the lens, natural lens of the eye. They consist of an extremely thin and very flexible plastic sheet with excellent tissue compatibility. These implants are practically invisible from the outside and the patient does not feel their presence. They are installed by a small opening of approx. 2.5 cm wide, forward or backward of the iris.

The focal lenses 1 give a solution to correct the far vision and, multifocal lenses correct the view from far and near as well.