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Porcelain-metal crown € 170,-
Porcelain-zircon crown € 250,-
Titanium implant € 495,-

You can also treat your teeth in two visits to the Netherlands, in Maastricht (25 km from Liège and 350 km from Paris).

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Porcelain-metal crown € 330,-
Porcelain-zircon crown € 415,-
Titanium implant € 700,-

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Dental clinic

Our dental offices, equipped with modern equipment according to all European standards. They are located in the Netherlands, Maastricht, Turkey: Antalya, Istanbul and Hungary in Budapest.

Our dentists and implantologists are very experienced, they do wathewer they can to make you a beautiful and aesthetic smile.

Our metod

During your first visit in our clinic in Maastricht, the dentist will examine your teeth and make a list of the treatment to be followed.

You will be informed on all possibilities of the treatment. You will receive at the same time the estimate and several alternatives of your treatment. Treatment may start as soon as you want.

Ceramic crown

A crown is a small hood, with a tooth or a molar that is attached to the tooth.

Ceramic bridge

A ceramic bridge consists of two or more ceramic crowns, which serve as an attachment point (intermediate piece) to one or more missing teeth / molars.
There are different kinds of bridge :

  • ordinary bridge:

    If the pillars are on both sides of the missing tooth.
  • free ending bridge:

    If the pillars are on one side of the missing tooth / molar, for example, if the last molar is missing.

The prostheses are manufactured in an ISO-certified dental laboratory. The materials and appliances comply with CE Europe. 


The ceramic crowns / bridges consist of a metallic base, gold or zircon and a porcelain outer layer of the color of your teeth or a new color of your choice. The crowns can serve you about 15-20 years.


There is a 3-year warranty for the work performed and the crowns placed in our clinic, valid at the same clinic and the same country where you were treated.