Breast augmentation : €2.690,-*

Breast reduction : €2890,-**

Breast lift: €2.450,-**

Breast lift+augmentation: €3590,-*

*   implants, one night in a clinic, transport
     airport-hotel, accompaniment included

** one night in a clinic, transportation
     Airport-hotel, accompaniment included

Breast augmentation

The purpose of breast augmentation surgery is to correct, through the implantation of a breast prosthesis, a volume of breast judged insufficient by the patient.

The breasts may be insufficiently developed since adolescence or have decreased secondarily strongly following a significant weight loss or a pregnancy followed by breastfeeding.

The decision to undertake breast augmentation should never be taken lightly. The act itself is certainly not technically the most complicated to perform for a competent surgeon, but many decisions need to be made. Their consistency and understanding are absolutely essential in the postoperative satisfaction of the patient.

The long-term consequences of the intervention must also have been discussed and accepted in order to avoid decisions that are too fast and not motivated.


The procedure lasts 1h30 to 2 hours and takes place under general anesthesia.

When completed, the chest is held by an elastoplast bandage, a Velpeau band for one week, at which time the first points will be removed. The rest of the threads resolve on their own as healing progresses.

During the 48 hours following the procedure, it is recommended to keep the arms along the body and avoid moving. An edema will persist for a few days, wearing a bra without wrap and wrap are highly recommended (sports bra).

It will take some time for the prosthesis to find its place so as to match the curve of your chest as naturally as possible.

As the procedure is performed under general anesthesia and often combined with other surgeries, this requires a 4-5 day stay.

The cost of breast augmentation 
(implants included) €  2.690,-




Breast reduction

Having large breasts, it is usually due to genetic or hormonal. The chest is not only aesthetic but also can be a physical and mental handicap:

  • shoulder pain
  • back pain
  • clothing problems
  • sports nuisances
  • social nuisances

A breast reduction is the effective solution. The breasts too voluminous are always accompanied by the relaxation of the skin. This is obviously associated with a residual scar.

The cost of breast reduction €  2.890,-




Breast lift:

Collapsed breasts can be raised by removing excess skin or securing the breast tissue higher on the pectoral muscles, or a combination of the two methods.

For small operations, local anesthesia is possible.

During major procedures, general anesthesia and overnight hospitalization are required.

For slight corrections, a ring of skin around the areola is removed. This is possible for cup size A or B, when the sag is not too pronounced.

When it is necessary to strengthen the structure of the breast, the procedure can sometimes be performed by means of an incision leaving only a scar around the areola. For major interventions, it is necessary to incise a breast reduction and the intervention leaves a vertical scar from the areola to the furrow under the breast.

Very rarely, the small breasts can be raised by a single small incision in the furrow under the breast. In most breast lift operations, the inside remains intact, leaving a reasonable chance of being able to breastfeed.

However, the sensitivity of the nipples and the skin changes, as long as the senses of hypersensitivity regains the slightest sensitivity, seeing a total insensitivity.

Often this condition improves in the months following the procedure.

The more skin there is to be removed, the greater the risk of sensory disturbance. Major interventions may require a slight correction.

Immediately after the operation, it is strongly recommended to wear a bra without wraparound bra (sports bra). You wear the bra for 6 weeks.

Since the majority of surgical procedures, often combined, related to breast surgery occur under general anesthesia, this requires a stay of 4-5 days on site.

Breast lift: € 2.450,-

Breast augmentation (implants included):

€ 3590,-