Armlift         € 2490,-*

* one night in a clinic, transportation Airport-hotel, accompaniment included

It is a typical aging phenomenon: upper arms that are becoming softer and exhibit loose flaps at a given time. This is not only because the skin is thinner, but also because the muscles relax. Even if you lost a lot, there may be a surplus of skin on the underside of the upper arms.

Arm lift is a major operation when the excess skin is removed. An arm lift always gives scars. Of course our experienced plastic surgeons do their best these scars as much as possible to drop the existing folds.

Sometimes there is too much fat under the arms. Is that your case, then we can remove through liposculpture. Optionally this can be combined with an arm lift limited. An oval is then cut in the underarm skin, giving you no unsightly scars on the upper arm.


The surgeon draws on the upper arm precisely how much skin needs to be removed. During surgery, the skin is separated from the underlying fat and muscle layers. The excess skin is excised and possibly excess fat sucked out.

Arm lift                                       € 2490,-