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The medical tourism is becoming the future number 1 holiday destination!

Eyelid surgery:                                 € 750,-

Breast augmentation+ implant:    € 2.690,-

Facelift complet:                            € 2.590,-

Abdominoplasty+ liposuccion:    € 2.990,-

Crown porcelain-metal:                   € 170,-

Dental implant titanium:                 € 495,-

We offer all possible kinds of medical treatments!


  • Eye treatments: laser treatments, lens operations.
  • Cosmetic surgery: liposuction, breast enlargement, facelift, eye-, nose- and earcorrections, as well as botox treatments.
  • Preventive total medical check-ups, dermatological treatments and all kinds of laser therapy.
  • Dental treatments: renovation of teeth with porcelain facings, tooth crowns and titanium dental implants.

Contact us and we take care of all the rest!

Famous from TV and newspapers.


Medical Voyages mediates and accompanies your medical and esthetic trip to Turkey and Hungary. During the past 4 years we have succesfully helped many clients from all over Europe. We offer cheap prices for all esthetic and dental treatments!

We have also opened a new dental clinic in the Netherlands that provides a wide range of cheap dental treatments (ex. porcelain crowns from € 330 /a piece).


Thanks to the cooperation with 4 exclusive modern hospitals and private clinics where the best surgeons, doctors and dentists do work, we are able to give the best service and guarantee of quality for now and in the future. You can choose one of the clinics in Turkey: Antalya, Kemer, Belek and Side and in Hungary, Budapest!


The materials and equipment comply with european standarts.



A detailed bill will be given to you in order to benefit from a health insurance. Furtherall we offer a guarantee of 3 years on all treatments and materials! Our hospitals are ISO-certified and all the equipement is CE-marked.



It can be rather difficult to go to Turkey, Hungary or The Netherlands simply for a Dental treatment . The journey, the foreign language, quality, garantees, which specialist, the organisation of all this can be very challenging. Medical Voyages will clear all these obstacles.

  • We take care of all transport between your hotel and the hospital.
  • Multilingual employee, who speaks as well English, stays with you during the treatment.
  • You can contact us all the time during your journey.
  • The treatment is preceded by an extended diagnosis and will only start when the schedule and quotation has been accepted.
  • No advance is demanded.Payment will be expected only when the final result is to your 100 % satisfaction.
  • Your Insurance may reimburse some or all of the costs incurred. We strongly recommend you to check this in advance.

Personal accompaniment

We will give you all the necessary  information in English by telephone and email. Then, we will be present in Turkey and Hungary during your stay. We will come to meet you at the airport and your hotel for the medical care as well as we will accompany you during the whole treatment. We will take time to explain everything to you and to assure that you've made a good choice.  

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